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Brassfield Originals Walnut Wood Slice Table Hand Crafted Live Edge Collection

We are offering for your consideration this handcrafted Brassfield Originals table. It is a live-edge, walnut wood slice table with metal legs. This unique table features a 26" slice of walnut wood harvested from our own land. We dried it, shaped it, and finished it, giving it a matte shellac smooth surface. Then we married it to this vintage, black, textured-metal base. The wood slice is 2 1/4" thick. The overall dimensions of the table are: 30 3/4" tall x 26" diameter. This table is new and has never been used. It is authentic slice of tree and as such has natural imperfections that tell the life-story of the tree. The top may be removed for shipping, so some reassembly may be required.

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In partnership with Cecil Brassfield of Brassfield Originals, we always welcome custom orders and quantity discounts. And those nearby can chat with us for a special SHOP LOCAL price on each piece, since our online prices include shipping to any location in the contiguous US of A. Those who wish to shop with us locally need only do the following:

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Meeting this set of criteria gives us more freedom as an artisan, bringing the price of this item down to $249.94

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