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18th Century Sampler Small Embroidery Panel Missing Letter 'J' 8 1/2" x 6 1/2"

We are pleased to offer this 6 1/2" x 8 1/2" off-white fabric sampler.  We believe it is linen.  The alphabet is repeated in various styles of embroidered letter styles in small stitching.  In each of the alphabet lists, the letter 'J' is omitted and the letter 'Q' looks like a backwards 'P'.  The sampler is housed in a wood-veneer very old frame.  We have not removed the sampler from the frame due to the sampler's fragile nature, but this is not a proper archival quality home. The frame's overall dimensions are 9" x 11" and has chips and a primitive looking back.  The previous owner adhered a newspaper clipping regarding the age of samplers with 'J' and 'Q' variations on the back of the frame.

This sampler is unsigned and undated. The embroidery thread color has faded completely.  The sampler has dark brownish discoloration that is perhaps moisture damage.  We are dating it related to the absence of the letter 'J', and the letter 'Q' looking like a backwards 'P' as was frequently done in the 18th century - this is not a completely reliable dating method. This sampler was purchased at the estate auction of a collector of 18th and 19th century art and other items.

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