1821 Birth Baptism Marriage Certificate Taufschein Sell Spangler PA Dutch German

This is a very old certificate which was nicely framed and matted.  The certificate is for Lydia (Sell) Spangler.  She was born on June 11, 1821 to Abraham Sell and Catherine (Weickert) Sell.  She was born in Adam County, Pennsylvania.  Her father, Abraham Sell, was born in Germany Township (now Union), Adams Co., Pennsylvania.  He married Barbara Palmer in the late 1700's .  They moved to Blair County, PA in 1804.  They set up their farm along the Juniata River, below Brooks Mill.  They were some of the earliest settlers in that area.  Sell was a cabinet maker. 

Lydia Sell was baptized and given the name Lydia on the 29th day of August in 1821.  She was baptized by Reverand Melzhimer.  Lydia married Charles (Menges) on November 10th, 1842 by Rev. Jacob Sechler.  She died on September 24th, 1907. 

The framed piece is very large, measuring 34 1/4" by 28 5/8".    The certificate itself measures approximately 15 1/2" by 13".  It was obviously framed some time after Lydia's death, but the frame itself is still quite old.  There is a rough translation taped to the back of the frame

This piece is in great condition overall, especially when you consider its age.  The frame has some general wear, including some dings and scratches.  We have gently wiped down the exterior of the glass and frame.  We have not attempted to open the frame, and the interior has not been touched or cleaned by us.  There are some spots where dust or debris has collected on the inside of the glass.  The certificate itself has some wear.  There is a tear across the center where it was folded for many, many years.  There appears to be some water damage along the edges, mostly on the bottom.  Please see pictures for more details. 

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