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1897 Cast Iron IXL Platform For Galvanized Water Chain Pump OP Schriver & Co

We are offering for your consideration an antique cast iron platform for galvanized chain pumps. It is marked with embossed  lettering 'Platform for I.X.L. Galv. Pump O.P. Schriver & Co. Cin. O  Pat. Sept. 7, 1897.' The dimensions of this platform are: 35 1/8" x 33 1/4" x 1" thickness. The opening in the center where the pump sits measures 16" x 8". The original advertising for this platform claimed it would ...'fit the neck of any cistern.' 

We found this information from 'The Iron Age' (a publication) dated April 8, 1897:  'OP Schriver & Co., Pearl and Sycamore Street, Cincinnati, Ohio are marketing the IXL iron platform for chain pumps, (shown here). The dimensions are 33 x 35 inches, and it weights 80 pounds. The surface is corrugated, so as to drain water or rain away from the cistern, and likewise prevents slipping. There is said to be ample room on the side for an individual to stand while pumping, and also for a bucket in front. Among the advantages claimed for it by the makers are that it will fit the neck of any cistern, is strong, neat and clean, that it will not accumulate filth or allow vermin to get into the cistern, while being cheaper than wood or stone and very durable...'  

This anitque cast iron platform is pre-owned and shows minor surface rust overall. The bolts are rusted fast. One of the brackets that would attach to the chain pump is a replacement (it is solid/sound). There are no chips, cracks, or splits.

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