1907 Missouri MO Jewelers Association Panoramic Photo Framed Yard Long

Framed, 1907 panoramic photo of the 'Missouri Jewelers Association Convention' with 'Star Photo, Co.  St. Louis, MO' credit.  Fantastic clear sepia tone image of 84 men in dapper dress - all in hats and suits.  The yard long photo is in simple antique wood frame with wood back and with new hanging wire.  Unfortunately the photo is disintegrating around the edges - tears, water damage, buckling, are all present.  The photo does not have a proper backing - it is resting on the wood back panel of the frame.  The frame seems sturdy but does have some separation at the corner joints.  See photos.  (18 men are sitting, 66 men are standing, only 2 have full beards, 8 have umbrellas, and all 84 are wearing a hat).

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