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3 EN AR CO Motor Oil 1919-1925 Promotional Advertiser Travel Games & Spinners

We have for your consideration, these three (3) vintage EN AR CO Motor Oil promotional or advertiser travel games. These were probably give-aways with purchase of En Ar Co products.  Each heavy paper game measures 14 1/2" x 14 1/2" and comes with a cardboard 'spinner' with a metal indicating arrow.  There are also three (3) round cardboard vintage car game pieces.  Each game has a copyright date of 1919-1925 by The National Refining Co., Cleveland, O.  On the left side of the game is a list of states and towns/cities with service stations that sold En Ar Co Motor Oil and White Rose Gasoline. Game play instructions are on the back.

These vintage paper games pre-owned.  They are in good condition, without holes but fold lines are present.  They had been stored in a 5 gallon drum that had oil residue in it, so they have oil and fumes embedded.  We have allowed them to 'dry out' for a number of years between layers of absorbent towels.

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