3 Photos 1925 1st Communion & Graduation Class Catholic School Salisbury MO

3 vintage cabinet cards/black & white photos from the St. Joseph Catholic Church school.  Some scratches are present on the smallest photo.  Rough edges present on cabinet cards.

2 of the cabinet cards are marked: '1st Communion Class of 1925 Salisbury MO'.  The smaller photo is 5" x 7" size - total dimensions of cabinet card  are 7 3/4" x 9 3/4".  The larger photo is 7" x 11" size - total dimentions of cabinet card are 10 3/8" x 14 1/4".  Both of these cabinet cards are marked by Cozy Studio  Salisbury MO. 

The other cabinet card is not labelled in any way but has the same priest as in the 1st communion photos.  This is apparently the graduating class of the St. Joseph Catholic Church School in 1925.  The photo only measures 7" x 9".  The dimensions of the card are 9 3/4" x 11 3/4". 

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