3 Primitive Nutmeg Spice Graters 2 W/ Storage Compartments 1 Rotary Grinder

3 vintage nutmeg/spice graters with primitive appeal in usable condition.  Pre-owned, used, each has lots of tarnish and some rust and wear.  Unmarked by maker.

The rotary model clamps to a table or counter by tighting a screw at the bottom.  It has a loading shoot at the top with a small green wooden block/weight to keep the nutmeg in place.  It has a maximum length of 7" long x 3 1/4" wide.  The handle turns with a bit of a hitch.

The tin manual graters are each 5" long.  One is missing a small piece of tin at the wall-mounting loop at the top.  Each has a compartment for nutmeg storage with lid.  One of the graters has a small amount of black paint on the outer surface which shows wear. 

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