3 Vintage Waist-Tie Aprons Roses & Ric-Rac, Noel Christmas Themed, & Sheer Blue

3 vintage waist-tie style aprons.  Might be home sewn - there are no tags.  Each is clean and odor-free.  Each has a few small faint stains - not noticeable unless inspecting closely.

1.  Sheer navy blue crisp fabric with pale blue cotton floral print border at the hem.  There is a small tear where the tie and skirt meet.

2.  Red roses print fabric apron with red ric-rac trim.  Has two heart shaped pockets.

3.  Noel - Christmas themed apron made from a linen tea towel.  Replica of a cross-stitch project.  Nubby texture - well worn.

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