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3 Wooden Advertiser Hangers Disneyland Hotel, Monkey Steam Dye, Martinique Hotel

We are offering this group of three (3) wooden clothes hangers with painted advertising graphics. Each has a sturdy metal hook at the top, and the graphics appear on one side only. Please refer to the photos.

  • 'Monkey Steam Dye Works Co. - single curved arm. 16 1/2" wide.
  • 'Hotel Martinique Broadway at 32nd St. New York'. Jacket arms and straight fixed rung. 16 3/4" wide.
  • 'Disneyland Hotel ('t' and'l' partially gone) Anaheim  Calif'. 17 1/4" wide. Jacket arms and straight fixed arm.
These wooden hangers are pre-owned. The Disneyland Hotel paint graphics are partially missing (see photo). They have some scratches/wear but are all in excellent working condition.

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