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4 Childrens Print Fabrics Ea 1 Yd Thomas Train, Race Cars, Men @ Work, Spiderman

4 piece of children's novelty print fabric.  Each is 1 yard length - widths vary.  Clean.  Cotton. 

1.  Race Cars print - 44" wide.  Red background color.  Mostly primary colors. 

2.  Men At Work - 44" wide.  Labelled on the edge 'Hard Hats Designed by Michele Wojcicki and Erika Zehr for Avlyn Inc'.  Blues, yellow, black, and orangey-red.  Construction vehicles.

3.  Spiderman - 44" wide.  Labelled on the edge 'Spider Spray Grey On The Web, TM & 2009 Marvel  Springs Creative Products Group, LLC.'  Spiderman in a myriad of poses over background of gray spiderweb shapes.

4.  Thomas the Train Print - 44" wide.  Labelled on the edge:  'Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends TM 2009 Gullane (Thomas) Limited A Hit Entertainment Company Licensed by VIP Cranston Village.  Teal background with all the characters in primary colors.

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