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4 Small Metal Pulleys 2 Marked 'WC' Wilcox Crittenden Vintage Nautical Hardware

We have for your consideration a group of four (4) vintage metal pulleys. The smaller two are unmarked while the larger two are marked with 'WC'. WC stands for Wilcox Crittenden, a maker of nautical/maritime hardware. These vintage metal pulleys are pre-owned. The wheels all turn but all show scratches wear and one shows pitting and paint drips. Included are:
  • The smallest:  3 1/4" long with fixed ring at top. 1/4" wide channel  in the moving wheel.
  • 2nd smallest: 4" long with fixed ring at top. Just under 1/2" channel in the moving wheel. (corrosion and paint drips present)
  • The larger two are 'WC' marked and are 4 1/2" long. Each is also marked '2'. One has a fixed ring at top and the other has a turning ring at top. 3/8" channel on each moving wheel.

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