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4 Vintage Restaurantware Saucers Unused Colorful Patterns Jackson Mayer McNicol

We have for your consideration a group of four vintage  restaurantware saucers, each with different pattern/design. Included are:
  • MCN5 pattern McNicol China saucer with black lace and ribbon border. 1931-60s manufacture date. 5 1/2" diameter.
  • Carlton saucer (unsure if this is the pattern name or the shape name) Jackson China with airbrushed aqua and chartreuse lines. 1965. 5 3/4" diameter.
  • P 7209 pattern Mayer China saucer with maroon airbrush border, 5 3/4" diameter. 1940s to 60s date.
  • Ivory or bone colored saucer with salmon-airbrush and dark green ring, 1961 date. Jackson China. 5 5/8" diameter.
These vintage restaurant china pieces are pre-owned but are in excellent condition - they appear unused. They were part of the inventory of a restaurant supply warehouse and some have paper identification labels.

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