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5 Miniature Oil Lamps Lanterns Cobalt Blue Glass Made In Hong Kong 3 W/ Chimney

We have for your consideration this group of five (5) vintage miniature oil lamps, each with a cobalt blue glass font. Three (3) have a chimney and two (2) don't have a chimney. Each has a wick. Each is marked 'Made In Hong Kong' on the knob.
  • A - 3" tall; paneled base (no chimney)
  • B - 5" tall with clear chimney (cracked chimney); star-like designs on base. Also marked 'Made in Hong Kong' on the bottom.
  • C - 5 1/4" tall with cobalt chimney; metal base and rounded font.
  • D - 5 1/2" tall with clear chimney; metal base and onion-shaped font.
  • E - 5" tall (no chimney); metal base and diamond shapes on the blue font.
These vintage miniature oil lamps are pre-owned. The metal portions of the lamp show scattered rust. The wick does not advance properly in the smallest lamp. One of the clear glass chimneys has a crack (pictured).

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