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6 O.V.B. 'Our Very Best' Brand Butcher Knives New In Box Old Stock H.S.B. & Co.

We have for your consideration, a rare collection of six (6), new old stock, 'O.V.B.'(Our Very Best) brand butcher knives in their original store box with OVB label. Each knife is 11 1/2" total length with a blade length of 7 1/8". Each gleeming shiny blade is marked 'Hammer Forged Made in USA OVB Our Very Best Trade Made.' The handles are dark hardwood with three brass rivets. The label on the box has some pencil writing on it and the box base is torn in three corners.  These knives were part of the inventory of an old hardware store.

O.V.B. was made by Hibbard, Spencer, Bartlett & Co. H.S.B. & Co. was a huge hardware dealership that saw great success from its beginning in 1855 through 1962 when it sold its 'True Value' trademark and got out of the hardware business. Some of their other trademarks include O.V.B.(Our Very Best), Hibbard, Cruso, IL-A-NOY, and Lady Hibbard.

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