7 Days Of The Week Unused Vtg Black Americana Embroidered Tea Towels Pickaninny

Set of 7 thin, cotton, unused tea towels with hand embroidering.  Each has day of the week designation, a pickaninny in a different pose, and a politically incorrect/dated stereotype motto for each day.  Each towel measures approximately 30" wide x 40" long.  The embroidery in each corner has been done with maroon, black, green and brown thread.  One of the towels has some pale blue thread in addtion to the other colors.  The embroiderer also edged the towels by machine using white and pink thread.  'Monday Ah Is Happy', 'Tueday Ah Dis Cry', 'Wednesday Ah Is Lazy', 'Thursday Ah Is Shy', 'Friday Ah Is Sassy', 'Saturday Ah Is Wise', 'But Mammy On A Sunday Ah's An Angel In Disguise'.  Pre-owned, never used.  No odors, stains, or tears.

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