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8 Kraft Swanky Swig Juice Tumblers Variety Of Designs Cornflower, Forget-Me-Not

We have for your consideration a collection of eight (8) vintage 'Swanky Swig' or 'Swankyswig' juice tumblers. All but one of these was made by Kraft and originally held a cheese spread. Included are:
  1. 1933 Black-Red Banded. 3 3/8".
  2. 1937 Tulip #1 Blue and White. 3 1/2".
  3. 1947 Cornflower #2. 3 1/2". 2 Light Blue & 1 Red.
  4. 1949 Forget-Me-Not. Blue & Green. 3 1/2".
  5. 1955 Bachelor Button. 3 3/4".
  6. Unknown maker & date. Red & Green Rose W/ White Picket Fence. 3 3/4".
These small vintage glass juice glasses are pre-owned and have been used. Each has a few minor scratches. The Forget-Me-Not and the red Cornflower tumblers have some patches of cloudiness present. The Bachelor Button tumbler has some of the green color missing from a leaf.

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