Accurate Casting Parlor Table Lamp Hourglass Shape Floral Decal 25" Tall GWTW

25" table/parlor/bedside lamp with 'Accurate Casting' mark on the brass ornate base.  Has a slender white glass mid-section with floral decal on the front.  The decal has the following colors:  mauve, orange, green, lavender, and olive green.  Has a clear glass chimney that fits securely.  The hurricane shade is white glass with large floral decals on the front and back.  The hurricane also has a ruffled top opening with pale blue airbrushed color on the inside.  There is a key-shaped on/off mechanism with the follwing positions:   night light on the bottom, top (brighter) light, both lights, and off.  The large hurricane shade has two chips on the fitter edge that cannot be seen when it is seated.  We have shown the largest chip in a photo.

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