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American Families Geneology Biographical Book American Historical Society 1930

We have for your consideration a unique aged book titled 'American Families' compiled and published by The American Historical Society, Inc. New York. Subtitled: 'Genealogical and biographical from most authentic sources including much valuable material drawn from hitherto unpublished family records with accurate reproduction and description of ancient emblazonry compiled by masters of genealogic and heraldic science.' Partly colored title page. Many portraits and illustrations are included within the 377 pages with index. 11" x 13 3/4" x 2 3/4" thick, size book. We believe this is copy no 9 of an Edition de luxe consisting of 50 numbered volumes (we found this fainlty stamped on a loose page). An undetermined number of identically titled volumes were published. This volume contains information relating to different groups of prominent American families. Family surnames listed in this volume are apparently listed in chronological order and include: Morton, Wyman, Stearns, Filley, Brown-Browne, Snow, Scott, Dean, and many many more. This book was apparently published in 1930 although this is not listed - the dated page might be missing. 
This book is pre-owned and is in poor condition. The cover is completely missing. The pages are very worn, torn, and many have moisture damage. Some of the pages are loose from their binding and some might be missing. The historical significance and usefulness of this book might outweigh its poor condition to the student of geneology.

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