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American Scale Mfg Co Vintage Penny Weight Fate Fortunes Sidewalk Scale NO KEY

We are pleased to offer this vintage penny sidewalk scale made by American Scale Manufacturing Company. For a penny this piece calculates your weight and gives your fortune or character reading. It is made of metal and has a red enamel top. There are four slots at the top and if you chose to drop your coin in the 'lucky' slot, the penny will be returned. This scale is 50" tall x 17" wide x 27" deep. The graphics on each side are 'Your Wate And Fate' and on the front 'Character Readings Your Future ?' The scale platform is brass and reads 'American Scale Mfg. Co. Washington, D. C.' We do not see any other markings, but we think this is model 403 that was made in 1946, but we are not experts so we are not positive of this. 
This vintage sidewalk penny scale is pre-owned. The scale portion is fairly accurate and a fate pops up appropriately with the weight when a penny is inserted. If the 'lucky' slot is chosen, the penny is appropriately returned. Alas there is no key to open the two locked doors on the back. There are scratches in the finish as well as scattered rust.

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