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Antique Belvidere Carpet Stretcher Goddard & Allen 1890's Maple

Up for sale is an Antique Carpet stretcher. It does not appear to be marked, but it is identical to the Belvidere Carpet Stretcher. Whole thing measures 37 1/4" long. Portion that folds down and sits on the ground measures 13 1/2" long and 1 1/4" wide. Stretcher shows wear with aged wood, and rusty steel. The bottom wood piece has some cracks, but it is still structurally stable.

We found this information from the Belvidere Illustrated:

It was invented by Edward L McDivitt and given a patent February 21, 1893. McDivitt and AR Goddard formed a partnership to make and sell the stretcher in the United States.  The handle and stretcher bar are made of hard maple, the driving rod with Bessemer steel. The lever makes the carpet go to its place, and an automatic device places the tack in position. A single blow of the driving rod sets it firmly on the floor. The leverage is so great that it requires little effort to bring the carpet to the desired tension on the floor, and it is held in position by the weight of the operator until tacked down.

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