Antique Hobbs Brockunier EAPG Leaf & Flower Water Set Glass Pitcher 6 Tumblers

We are pleased to present this fantastic set of Early American Pattern Glass from Hobbs Brockunier.  These feature the Leaf & Flower pattern in amber (or yellow) on crystal.  This pattern was introduced in 1890.  Included in this set are a pitcher and 6 tumblers.  The pitcher measures 12 7/8" in height and was made to hold 56 ounces.  The tumblers are just over 4" in height and hold 8 fluid ounces.

This set is in good condition overall with some signs of age and use.  The pitcher has some light surface scratches.  Along the scallops, where the pattern begins, there seems to be a series of small imperfections in the glass.  They are slightly rough little bumps that appear to have occurred during production, but I am unable to say for certain.  I also see two small, dark colored rough patches on the pitcher rim.  The tumblers all have some surface scratching from general age and use.  Some of the tumblers have flea bites or tiny chips along the bottom rims.  One of the tumblers has 2 large chips in the bottom rim.  I will try to show all of these flaws in pictures, but some are hard to see and will be difficult to photograph.  This set isn't perfect, but it has been quite well preserved when you consider its age.  Most of the flaws are small and really not visible unless you are specifically looking for them.  Please see pictures for more details.

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