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Antique Grillby Metallfabrik Copper Teapot & Warming Stand No. 1 Sweden Kettle

We have for your consideration, this antique, tin-lined, copper tea kettle and warming stand. The stand is not marked but the kettle is clearly marked 'Grillby Metallfabrik Aktiebol. Grillby No. 1.' The stand has three black wooden feet that match the black wooden handle on the kettle. The stand is 8 5/16" diameter. The kettle holds 6 1/2 cups of liquid and is 10" across from spout through the handle. Grillby Metallfabrik is a Swedish/Scandinavian company that made brass and copper items such as kettles.

This antique copper tea kettle and warming stand are pre-owned. There are no leaks. There is tarnish present and a small dent in the lid knob.

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