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Antique Hinks/Son Oil Lamp Converted Electric Meissen Cherubs Base Crystal Font

We are pleased to offer this antique oil lamp that has been converted to electric.  This lamp has double sockets with pull chains.  The sockets accept standard size bulbs.  The burner is marked 'Hinks & Son' and has double knobs (no longer turnable).  The bulbous crystal font features cut thumbprint style designs.  The base is white porcelain and features raised cherubs or cupids on the entire perimeter.  The bottom is a 2" tall lightweight metal ring that provides stability to the lamp.

The height of the porcelain cherubs base alone, which was probably once a vase, is 11" tall.

The height of the entire lamp to the top of the finial is 28 3/4" tall minimum.  The brass column can be adjusted to a height of 32 1/2" but the screw that would tighten and hold the column at the taller height is missing.

The porcelain base has a hidden crossed swords mark in blue that we discovered when disassembling the lamp for applying a new fabric-covered electrical cord. The mark is not visible when the lamp is assembled. We believe this is a Meissen mark dating to 1763-1773 with the dot between the handles.  The lamp is in excellent working condition.  There are small cracks around the bodies of some of the cherubs (pictured).

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