Burley Winter Crooksville O. Antique Pottery Huge Tankard Pitcher & 4 Tall Mugs

Large, heavy, antique, green glazed pottery tankard set with a large pitcher and 4 tall mugs.  All have this mark on the bottom:  'Burley-Winter  Crooksville. O.'  The huge pitcher holds 12 1/2 cups (over 3 quarts), stands 11 5/8" tall and is 8" wide from spout through the handle.  Each mug stands 6 1/4" tall and holds 22 ounces of fluid.  There are a few small spots that were missed during the glazing process.  Pre-owned.  All pieces are heavily crazed.  There is a chip on the handle of one mug.  There are 2 hairlines on a mug.  There is one chip beneath the glaze of one mug.  Rare form and color. 

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