Chinese Stone Rubbing Set Of 2 Matted Framed From Ancient Tiles Dragon Phoenix

Pair of Chinese tile/stone rubbings - matted and framed.  Each frame measures 12" x 12" and the round opening showing the rubbing is 6" diameter.  One has dark brown matting and a brown and beige rubbing in the center.  The other has dark green matting with light and dark green rubbing in the center.  

There is a paper with an explanation of the art and the process of making it as well as the title and the tile/stone from which the rubbing was taken.  This paper is on back of the brown rubbing only.  (see photo).  Condensed, the paper explains that the stone rubbings are done by hand on rice paper.  Chemical colors mixed with wax are then rubbon the rice paper.  The process is repeated until the artist is satified with the quality. 

The brown rubbing is no. S.R. - 26  and is from the Dragon Phoenix Tile.  History:  Hand Dynasty 220 Ancinet House's tile.  Made in Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China. 

The green rubbing is from an unknown stone/tile.

Each has paper backing and hanging wire. 

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