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Elegant Repousse Candelabra 5 Swirl Arm 10 Pc Converts To Single Silverplate

We are pleased to present this fantastic, heavy, elegant, silver-plate on copper 5-swirl-arm candelabra with a total of 10 pieces.  It is covered with floral/leaf/feather repousse work.  There are 3 finial caps and 5 removable candle wells with fancy embossed, repousse borders.  The 5 swirl-arms also remove to reveal a single candle holder.  The base is marked 'plated on copper' but there is no visible maker's mark as the bottom is covered with green felt.  There is a '6400' impressed stamp inside the single candle holder well.
The single candle holder stands 12 3/8" tall with a round base that measures 5 5/8" diameter.
With the 5-swirl-arm piece in place, the candelabra stands 18 1/4" tall.
With the 5 candle wells and 3 finial caps in place, the piece stands 21" tall.
Pre-owned.  Much of the silver platting is worn off exposing the copper.  Tarnish is present.  One of the finials sits higher and fits more tightly into the candle wells.  There has been a repair or soldering on one of the arm pieces - see photos.  The base also leans to one side. There is a small dent on the bottom rim of the base.

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