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Folk Art Watercolor Small Paintings Naive Artist Bimson Vintage Rural Farm Life

We are pleased to offer six folk art watercolor paintings of rural landscapes and farm life done in naive style by the same artist. Only one of the pieces is signed by the artist 'Bimson'.  Each painting features a rural landscape and sheep or goats. Four of these paintings were done on paper - one measures 4 1/2" x 11 3/4" while the other three measure 4 1/2" x 6". 
Two of the paintings were done on heavy cardstock - each measures 4" x 5". Each of the cards has a red geometric border and the words 'America Yesterday' stamped in the left upper corner. One of the cards was fitted with a home-made cardboard stand on the back. 
These are part of a series of watercolors all done by the same artist (Bimson).  This series was appraised at the 2015 Antiques Roadshow. David Weiss looked at them first, found them charming and suggested they be viewed at the 'Folk Art' table.  Ken Farmer, appraiser of folk art, then evaluated them and felt they were painted by an artist with some training but were unpracticed and unaccomplished. He felt the paintings had some naive qualities (disproportionate sizes).  He suggested their value would improve if they were sold separately and the price range should be $30 for smalls and $75 for the larger paintings.

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