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Golden Days Steel Cut Coffee Tin Can Paper Label Stagecoach Logo Schottens StL

We are pleased to offer this Golden Days Steel Cut Coffee tin can (empty) with paper label.  It stands 3 3/4" tall and has a diameter of 5 1/8" and is a one pound size.  The paper label is double sided and features the silhouette of a full stagecoach.  The paper label credits 'Wm Schotten Coffee Co. St. Louis, Mo.' on the side.  The bottom of the can is embossed with 'Schotten's Coffees  Always Uniform.' Unusual tin.  Haven seen one like it with a paper label.  Age is unknown.

This coffee tin is pre-owned.  The lid  is adhered into place (nonremovable) and has some dents.  The paper label is discolored and is partially missing.

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