H. Daumier Reproduction Prints Series Of 2 Court Trial Justice Social Commentary

2 Framed reproduction prints (Numbers 2 & 3 in a 3-part series) of the French court system/justice/trial-lawyering with commentary - based on original art by H. Daumier (French Artist with Political Commentary during the mid 1800's).  Black and white prints with the following at the bottom of number 2:  ' You are pretty...and it will be easy to convince the jury that your husband is entirely at fault';  this at the bottom of number 3:  'Your case is advancing step by step.  If it keeps advancing like this much longer, I'll not have the shoe leather on which to keep in step with it.'  Each has 'Matthew Bender & Co.' print label at the bottom.   Simple wood frames with black paint.  Some scratches on the frame. Total dimensions of each frame:  14 3/4" x 11 5/8".  I believe these reproduction prints are vintage but I was not able to determine the year they were printed.

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