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Kramer's Best Wood Food Oyl Natural Cleans Conditions Restores Kitchen Items

This is a unique product made by hand right in the heart of America. Kramer's Best Wood Food Oyl cleans, conditions and restores the existing finish on all types of wood, replacing natural oils and emollients. It is made with only the purest ingredients, making it safe for use on any wood that will be in contact with food. It is the choice product for cleaning butcher blocks, salad bowls, cutting boards, rolling pins, utensils and more.

Kramer's Best Wood Food Oyl protects wood items from the necessary, repetitive washing with soap and water after use. It cleans and replenishes the wood without leaving behind an unpleasant, sticky residue.

Does this all sound too complicated? Good news: it isn't. You can simply rub the Kramer's Best Wood Food Oyl into the wood using your hand, a cloth or a scrubbing pad for those tougher cleaning jobs. We use it on a regular basis here at RoofTop Antiques.

You will receive a "Instruction and Suggested Uses" booklet free with your purchase.

This is a 3 oz bottle.   




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