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Large Cloisonne Enamel Frog W/ Lily Pad Lid Frog Finial & Wooden Stand 14.5"Long

We have for your consideration a very large cloisonne enamel frog with lily pad shaped lid and small frog finial. It sits atop a four-footed wooden platform with black finish. The platform mimics, to a large degree, the shape of the frog. This large cloisonne frog  is pre-owned and the exact age and provenance are unknown. It was obtained from the estate of an avid collector of art and antiques. We have seen a cloisonne frog with stand in nearly the exact size, color, and design attributed to the Chinese culture circa 1880s.  
The dimensions of the frog, only, are 14 1/2" long x 10 1/4" wide x 5 5/8" tall. (The wooden stand adds another 2 7/8" to the height). The enamel base color on the frog is turquoise or aqua and the lily pad is in greens. The frog features tadpoles, seashells, frogs, lily pads and lobsters in red, blue, white, orangish-yellow, green and black. This frog has an impressive presence due to its whimsical design, vivid colors, and size. 
The enamelling shows small pores (pictured). One of the feet on the wooden stand has been reglued and some glue residue is visible. There is glue residue visible beneath the small frog finial on the lid (pictured). The enamel is chipped inside the lid (pictured).

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