Lot of 5 Assorted Chucking Reamers Enco 1/8

Up for sale is a lot of 5 assorted Chucking reamers They have varying size, length, and diameter. They show wear from use with some scratches. All are unmarked, but one comes in a bag that has a sticker.

  1. Whole thing measures 5 5/8" long. Threaded section measures 5/8" long
  2. Whole thing measures 7 1/8" long. Threaded section measures 5/8" long.
  3. Whole thing measures 5 1/2" long. Threaded section measures just under 1" long.
  4. Whole thing measures 5" long. Threaded section measures about 2 1/8" long.
  5. Marked "331-1108 Enco 1/8" Chucking reamer in bag. Whole thing measures 3 1/2" long. Threaded part measures 1" long.

We do not know how these tools are used or how they function. Please ask questions or give corrections if you have any concerns

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