Lot Of Colorful Hand & Machine Sewn Cotton Quilt Blocks Various Sizes 13 Total

Lot of 13 colorful quilt blocks.  Some are hand-sewn, some are machine-sewn, and a few are a mixture of hand and machine sewing.   Nicely pressed, clean, odor-free and carefully stored for years.  Sorry, I do not know the names of the patterns, but included in this lot are:

3 - 19" x 19" hand and machine sewn blocks.  Pink/White & Red/White

5 - 11" x 11" machine sewn blocks.  Various prints on white with green stems.  I think these are flowers.

2 - 13" x 13" machine sewn blocks.  Dusty rose.  Red/Blue with arrows.

3 - 10 1/2" x 10 1/2" machine sewn blocks.  Print with a coordinating solid color unknown pattern.

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