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Manual Gummed Tape Dispenser Model L3 AC Hummel Co Cincy OH Industrial Ceramic

We have for your consideration a heavy, ceramic, industrial-size, manual gummed tape dispenser. We believe it is for moisture-activated tape - but we do not know exactly how the moisture comes in contact with the tape. It is marked on the bottom 'Model L3 A. C. Hummel Co. Cincinnati, Ohio USA.' The body is heavy blue ceramic with a fixed wooden dowel inside and a small rotating dowel near the metal teeth. The dispenser is 13 1/2" long x 5 1/4" wide x 5" tall. The channel for accepting tape is 3" wide. 
We believe a roll of tape is placed loose inside (or threaded onto the 3M holder which is not original to the dispenser) and threaded beneath the larger fixed dowel. The gummed tape is then placed beneath the smaller rolling dowel. The tape is then torn to the desired length at the metal teeth. We wonder if warm water is placed inside the dispenser and the user moistens the small dowel by transfering water to it manually. 
This heavy ceramic dispenser is pre-owned but is free of chips and cracks. We do not have the official instructions for use of this dispenser. I could not find any online information about this company or this dispenser, except a mention of the company in a 1925 newspaper.

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