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Sterling Silver Weighted Cordial Stems Shots 2 Towle 6 Fisher 8 Total 242.3 Gram

We have for your consideration eight (8) weighted sterling silver cordial stems or shot glasses. Each is 3" tall and has a top opening diameter of 1 5/8". Six were made by Fisher and are marked 'Fisher Sterling Weighted 16.' Two were made by Towle and are marked 'Towle 925 Sterling Weighted 58 (logo in center).' There are small differences in the designs between the Towle cordials and the Fisher cordials. Total weight of all combined is 242.3 grams. Average weight of the Fisher's is 31.7 grams. Average weight of the Towle's is 26 grams. 
These sterling silver weighted cordial stems are pre-owned. All have some dents. A small amount of tarnish is present.

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