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'The Leader' Watts's Patent Wooden Trouser Press & Stretcher Sheffield, England

We are pleased to offer this vintage/antique wooden trouser press and stretcher.  The function of the piece was to press wrinkles out of mens dress trousers but was also used as a stretching device to restore shape to trousers with 'baggy knees.'  The device has a small plaque that reads 'The Leader Automatic Presser and Stretcher (Watts's Patent) Sheffield, England.'  The patent was applied for in 1922.  The exact date of manufacture of this presser is unknown.  The trousers were hung on the metal bar on the end and the legs were clamped between the wooden slats.  All parts appear to be original.  The dimensions of the presser are 28" long x 16 1/4" wide x 4 3/4" tall.

This piece was part of the decor of an independently owned mens clothing store until it recently closed. 

This vintage/antique wooden trouser press & stretcher are pre-owned.  The instructions for use are not present but they are easily available via online search.

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