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Vintage Wedding Candelabra Set Wrought-Iron Church Pew Attaching Davidson-Uphoff

We have for your consideration a vintage wedding candelabra set made of wrought iron and steel made by and marked 'Davidson-Uphoff, Inc. Clarendon Hills, Ill.' It is a matching set - the same acanthus leaf designs appear around each candle holder. These items are vintage and have been used many times. They have been repainted several times so the layers of paint are evident as are chips and scratches in the painted surfaces. There are small scrapes, dents, and bent areas that are apparent but do not affect the functionality of the pieces. The pew-attaching candelabras have an off-white finish while the free-standing pieces have a white finish.

These items will be dismantled and shipped in more than one box. Reassembly will be required. There are 24 globes, enough to use on the freestanding candelabras plus the 2 triple pew-attaching candleholders.

Included in this wedding set are:

  • 24 clear glass chimneys or globes
  • 2 - 9 candle freestanding candelabras. Each is 66" tall and may be adjusted up to 8" taller. White finish.
  • 10 pew-attaching single-candle holders. Each is 55" tall and may be adjusted up to 24" taller. A moveable clamp allows attachment to pew at varying heights. Off-white finish.
  • 2 pew-attaching triple candle holders. Each is 64" tall and may be  adjusted up to 5" taller. These are usually used on the two front pews. A moveable clamp allows attachment to pew at varying heights. Off-white finish.
  • We are adding thumbscrews to use for height adjusting. They are silver colored and are not painted to match. Adjusting the height does make the candelabra/candleholders more easily tipped/unsteady.