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Antique Improver

Kramer's Best Antique Improver from RoofTop Antiques

Secrets of the trade - it’s a phrase that suggests a privileged discovery, something held close to the chest. At RoofTop Antiques, we have a different perspective. We find joy in letting you look behind the curtain. We have a passion for sharing our discoveries with those who wish to learn. That philosophy is the reason for this page.

For years, we have enjoyed collecting old stuff. In an effort to clean and restore these items, we have tried many different antique restoration supplies. Our ultimate objective is always antique preservation, to extend the life of each object without negatively impacting the original integrity. This approach has carried over into our business. All of our items are cleaned and preserved prior to offering them for sale. Our desire is to present the items in a way that is consistent with how the item was first conceived.

Here we share with you some of the products we use. The products below are antique restoration supplies and antique preservation products that we are passionate about. We are not paid to endorse these products. We offer them because we enthusiastically believe in them. We think you will, too.


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