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We Are RoofTop Antiques

When RoofTop Antiques first came to be, it was literally a Mom and Pop operation - my Mom and Pop, to be more specific.  They had always collected antiques and unique items that caught their eye. As a child, I remember entering antique malls and attending auctions, but never feeling as though I was being dragged. I enjoyed it. In fact, I loved every moment of it. It became a part of our identity as a family, and I thought that was pretty cool. 

It wasn't surprising to me when my dad started selling on eBay in early 2001. My parents had acquired so much stuff that they really couldn't enjoy the individual pieces that they truly loved. So my dad began listing items and sending them out into the world. He was a partner in the family roofing business and spent his days on rooftops, but spent his evenings at home selling online. He hoped to reclaim his basement by clearing out stuff, much of which he had held onto since his childhood. Soon, his project turned into a time-consuming hobby. As his pile of “stuff” dwindled, he developed a desire to buy more stuff. He realized that people were actively searching for things that he had the ability to find. At that point, the basement was more full than it was when he started. Every corner was full of empty boxes, packing material and more stuff to sell. His hobby had become more of a side business. It was more than he could handle on his own, so my mom joined in the venture. They became regulars at auctions, garage sales, thrift shops and flea markets where they were purchasing items specifically to sell online.

In 2009, the small coffee shop where I was a barista went out of business, and I was seeking flexible employment. My parents had just build an addition onto their barn, which allowed them to reclaim their basement and expand their business. I joined in the efforts and together we quickly filled up the new space in the barn. As time went on, my dad’s ability to work on a roof all day was quickly diminishing. In the spring of 2011, my dad took on two business partners and his side business became his full-time job. We moved into a newly constructed facility, nearly 6,000 square feet in size. Within two years, additional employees were added to our team.

As of today, our team has conducted more than 25,000 successful transactions across more than 60 countries. Our mission is to provide a new perspective on old things. We have a passion for rescuing old stuff - modern discards, vintage survivors and treasured antiques - from garage sales, auctions, second-hand shops, barns and trash piles, and recycling it. We seek to help people replace lost treasures, reunite with things forgotten and reminisce about past times.

Every day on the RoofTop is an adventure. We endure every element to find the most unique and unusual items. Why? Because we know that is what you are looking for. Once a discovery is made, our team combines effort to research every item before we present it to you. We make every effort to accurately represent every item through words and pictures. On the RoofTop you will discover lighting, tools, glassware, pottery, china, and a variety of collectible items. We also have furniture ranging from rare 19th century finds to Mid-Century Modern treasures. Also offered are clothing and accessories, eyewear, fabric, toys, and so much more. Our wide range of products connects us with a large variety of people all over the world. We have provided props for prop houses, major motion pictures, television shows and leading attractions.