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Furniture and Lighting

Collection of vintage and antique furniture and lighting

Modern homes are often decorated with modern creations - particle board desks, plywood tables, budget friendly plastic chairs, cheap lamps, and temporary light fixtures. Every once in a while, it is refreshing to experience the quality of antique and vintage furnishings and lighting. At RoofTop Antiques we have simplified the process of finding the best of “old school” furniture and lights by offering our collection of vintage finds for sale online. Our team carefully selects the best lamps, tables, chairs, desks, light fixtures available. We thoroughly clean and inspect each piece prior to professionally photographing it in our studio. We will walk you through the process of deciding what pieces are best for your home. Our expert level packaging of each piece ensures that your item will arrive safely. It is our desire to connect you with the best antique furniture and vintage lighting to complete your space.