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Making Connections

May 27, 2015 2 Comments

Making Connections

My blog posts thus far have outlined our struggles as eBay sellers and our desire to increase our sales and even expand beyond the eCommerce giant (read more about that here and here). Another important part of our movement as a business involved reaching out to other sellers, both those in the eBay world and those elsewhere. We sought other sellers like ourselves to obtain information, advice and support. The process of networking has helped us to realize that we are not alone in our struggles. It has also given us the opportunity expand our thought process with information that others were able to provide, and share our own in return. 

As I searched for others to share and connect with, I ran across the eBay Sellers Forum on Facebook. After spending some time in the forum, I was able to connect with its founder, Victor Levitin. Victor has been an excellent connection within the eBay world. I was able to ask Victor a series of questions recently and am thrilled to be able to share his responses with you. 

How long have you been selling online? How did you get started?
Since my student days - 2008. Needed money to pay for education

How is what you do different from other online sellers?
I study conversion rate optimization, and continually optimize the listings. This means that an eBay listing for me is not a one time creation, rather i constantly change it to improve the conversion rate based on the data i get from various sources including competitors and messages from potential customers

What is the biggest mistake you see other online sellers making?
Neglecting the description section, believing that all that matters is a good title and price

What is the #1 thing you recommend all sellers start doing RIGHT NOW?
Stop treating eBay listings like a 1 time creation, rather treat them as a never ending process of improving the conversion rates

What do you think is the biggest myth in the eCommerce world that many sellers believe?
That it's easy & fast to make money online. eBay business is like any business, you need to put your heart and soul to build a sustainable income.
I don't believe in instant success stories

eBay has been promising change. What is the one change that you would most like to see take place?
Lower fees of course :)

What other sales and marketing tips can you share?

Always be testing! Improving the conversion rate is an endless process. The average ecommerce conversion rate is 2% - this means that out of 100 visitors to your page, 98 go out empty handed!!

Is there anything else you would like to tell our readers?
We've developed an awesome listing tool - That allows users to create 100% custom, professional listing templates for eBay, with zero coding skills.

Check it out!


Thank you, Victor, for taking the time to answer our questions! We have yet to use Crazy Lister ourselves, but it implements many of the things that we have previously discussed in regards to improving our presence on eBay (read more about that here). We look forward to staying in touch with Victor, and with many of the other sellers we have connected with during this process. 

2 Responses

RoofTop Antiques
RoofTop Antiques

January 13, 2016

Jack, I have been trying to reply to your comment for almost two weeks now, but the comment app doesn’t seem to think I should! I printed out your comment the day you left it, and have carried it around in my laptop as a bit of encouragement. We are so thankful that these articles are being read, and that people such as yourself are able to relate to our situation. We would so love to speak further with you about eBay, and maybe even take a look at your daughter and son-in-law’s stores. We are always looking to connect with and learn from other sellers. You’re welcome to email us anytime at Thank you again for taking the time to read, and for leaving this piece of encouragement!


Jack Ferrell
Jack Ferrell

December 30, 2015

GREAT series of articles. I made connection through CrazyListing and have spent the afternoon reading your blogs. Being an original Ebay seller (1997) I made good money then until 2002, quit until around 2006, quit again and started back to support retirement in late 2013. Ebay is their own big problem and I truly hope that it all reverses. My daughter and son-in-law are very successful Ebay sellers with four stores. I wish you the best in all of your efforts.

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